Katherine Mansfield writing style

Katherine Mansfield was born in 1888 in Wellington , New Zealand and passed away in 1923. Her genre consists of literature, fiction and short stories. Mansfield is considered one of the best modernist short story writer’s of her time. 

 I have compiled that her writing is very descriptive, has many symbols , metaphors, and tons of imagery. I find that Mansfield’s characters are warm-hearted and sensitive.  Katherine’s stories consist of every day concerns. Her aim was to make the reader see. i thought about her short story’s The Doll’s house and The Fly. i noticed in both story’s have a vivid description of the settings in the beginning of the story’s , the office in the fly and the doll’s house in The doll’s house. both these luxurious settings are described with imagery.

All the rooms were papered. There were pictures on the walls, painted on the paper, with gold frames complete. Red carpet covered all the floors except the kitchen; red plush chairs in the drawing-room, green in the dining-room; tables, beds with real bedclothes, a cradle, a stove, a dresser with tiny plates and one big jug. But what Kezia liked more than anything, what she liked frightfully, was the lamp. It stood in the middle of the dining-room table, an exquisite little amber lamp with a white globe. It was even filled all ready for lighting, though, of course, you couldn’t light it. But there was something inside that looked like oil, and that moved when you shook it.- The Doll’s House

“New carpet,” and he pointed to the bright red carpet with a pattern of large white rings. “New furniture,” and he nodded towards the massive bookcase and the table with legs like twisted treacle. “Electric heating!” He waved almost exultantly towards the five transparent, pearly sausages glowing so softly in the tilted copper pan.- The Fly

how did Katherine find her descriptive ideas? From her life? Was it a process? Mansfield makes me want to write descriptive short storys. i am interested in her other short stories and planning to read more of them.


~ by leirabento on November 3, 2009.

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